Total Energy Resources, LLC is a natural gas supplier & electricity broker,

serving businesses in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

Total Energy Resources, LLC will guide you toward making the best gas and electric energy purchasing decisions for your company.

With over 80 years of combined experience and knowledge in the energy markets, Total Energy Resources, LLC assists commercial and industrial customers with finding the gas and electric power solutions that meet their energy needs.

In the always changing deregulated markets, Total Energy Resources, LLC takes great pride in offering customized solutions to fit each company’s needs, goals and budget. As a natural gas supplier and electricity broker, Total Energy Resources, LLC offers competitive pricing, consistent reliability, and excellent customer service. 

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Natural Gas Supplier

You need more energy for your commercial business, manufacturing facility, or industrial building, but want to make sure you get competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

Total Energy Resources, LLC provides custom pricing options and outstanding customer service to our commercial customers. Allow us to assist you with all your commercial natural gas purchasing!

Electricity Broker

Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the best price for the electricity you use at your commercial facility?

Total Energy Resources, LLC has long-term relationships with several large power suppliers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and throughout the Northeast. We can create a custom power portfolio to meet your electricity purchasing needs AND your budget.

Want more information?

With our strong relationships with natural gas suppliers and our large network of electricity suppliers, Total Energy Resources, LLC can assist you in making these purchasing decisions easier and less stressful.

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